Are you HSP – a High Sensory Processor/Highly Sensitive Person?

Does ‘IT’ all get a bit too much sometimes?

If you answer YES to more than 7 of the following questions, you may be one of the 20% of humans who have Sensory Processing Sensitivity.

  • Need a lot of down time, time on your own, silence?
  • Avoid violence in the media?
  • Have a rich inner life, imagination and creativity?
  • Get deeply moved by music, art, drama or literature?
  • Find peace in nature, by water or in a spiritual place?
  • Pick up subtleties in your environment, with all or most of your senses?
  • Go into overwhelm when faced with a lot to do, noise or chaotic environments?
  • Sleep more than most folk?
  • Feel other’s pain really easily?
  • Sometimes feel depressed for no clear reason?
  • Get outraged at exploitation, injustice or dishonesty?
  • Get really fed up with people telling you ‘you are just too sensitive’?

Sensory processing sensitivity is NOT a disorder – it, positively, means that your nervous system operates at a much more refined level, rather like the difference between the speaker in a cheap transistor radio and a BOSE unit.

This means: more data is going into, and being processed in, our brains at any one moment than in someone who is neuro-typical. This means we get overwhelmed more easily.

However, it also means we can be more creative, produce more work if left to do so at our own pace, are more empathic and make great leaders!

In the corporate world, this is immensely useful, and it is really important to be able to express to employers our  neural sensitivity needs, to be able to function well – HR departments need to know about HSP, and if there is anything we can do to help you with this, we have a special programme to support you.

HSP/SPS takes some getting used to, and as an HSP myself, working with HSP clients since 1996, it would be an honour and a pleasure to help you embrace this wonderful difference.

ALL our work together is underpinned by the latest in neuroscientific research, quiet compassion and a real desire to help…

See this website by Dr Elaine Aron, who did the first real scientific research into HSP:


Or get in touch to see how positive this trait is, when we work with all it has to give.


We have a new group on starting in January 2020  in Chesterton, Cambridge – do give me a call if you are interested…




SUPERVISION FOR THERAPISTS – if you would like to talk through issues to do with HSP/SPS clients or traits, I am qualified to do so, and we can work over the phone, via Skype/Zoom or email.

CPD WORKSHOPS FOR THERAPISTS who wish to inform themselves about the fifth of the population who form half of their client base

– for 2 therapists who want to buddy-up, we can work online, or for a group, please ask for details of costs/expenses.

My experience teaching about HSP/SPS to therapists is that a long day workshop is not always necessary, except maybe for newly qualified counsellors, so we have distilled the necessary information, interventions and psychoeducation into a single session, backed up with handouts.