What Love Language do you speak?

Many of the problems with relationships are to do with people not appreciating, understanding or honouring each other’s differences.

If I speak to you in Martian, and you only speak English, we are not going to get very far!  The same applies to the ‘languages’ we use to interact and express our appreciation of each other. This could be a couple, a family or even colleagues at work – knowing more of what makes another person feel appreciated, and expressing our needs too, can only lead to a more harmonious life.

There are six Love Languages, or Languages of Appreciation, to do with time, gifts, touch, service, openness, and affirmation, and if we understand and speak each others’ language, we often find that conflict dies away, so we start to really get on together.

This approach can be explained in a single session, or sometimes a group of people can club together for a mini-workshop on the Love Languages – please contact Suzie for further details.