Have you ever wondered why sometimes you cope, and sometimes you don’t?

It is all down to RESILIENCE, defined as:

“a persons’ ability to successfully adapt to life tasks in the face of pressure or adversity” 

Grow your resilience

is a series of three sessions which look at:

  • the three main psychological states from which we operate in the world
  • assertiveness
  • strengths, challenges and values
  • self-resourcing
  • support systems
  • nutrition to strengthen your nervous system
  • time-blocking the day/week/month/year

We also explore the link between emotions and blood chemistry, work/life balance, thought processes and, most important of all, what brings a sense of ‘passion’ to your life.

Understanding and growing your resilience is empowering, inspiring and uplifting, helps your self-confidence and builds a strong foundation for creating the life you really want

The Stillpoint Process for stress and well-being

Thoughts are whirling round, your heart is beating fast, you feel confused and pressured, somewhat in a place of ‘lost the plot’ – what do you do?  Neuroscience and Mindfulness to the rescue…

The Stillpoint Process (practised seated in a chair) can stop stress in its tracks, once you have learned it and use it as a daily habit to keep you balanced.


  • stops unhelpful thoughts
  • only takes minutes
  • reduces adrenalin
  • relaxes tight muscles
  • elicits calm and focus
  • allows you ‘mini’ holidays throughout the day, wherever you are

The Process is best practiced every day, so the brain can make new neural pathways and learn new ‘habits’, helping your blood chemistry and muscular reactions change from stress to calm….

Stillpoint is taught in one 75-minute session, with a hand-out to take away with you for easy reference.