Single Session and Short Term Counselling

For when you are stuck, confused or at a cross-roads in life… 


Successful counselling or coaching does not have to either last a long time, cost a  lot of money, or, contrary to some, be painful!

The following 3 steps are rather like doing an M.O.T. on your life

  1. In a first telephone discussion, we look at the issue/overall change you wish to
    address, I ask some detailed questions and we look at your resources.
  2. We then book a session face-face for about a week later, which lasts 90 minutes.
  3. About a week after our meeting, we speak by phone again, to see how  you are
    doing, see what additional resources you might need and how to take things further.

New beginnings, mild depression, low mood, stress, burn out, confusion, fatigue, single issues,
overviews, talking something through, input from an impartial advocate, clear and concise
coaching when you might know what you want but are not quite sure how to get there, wanting to
know about therapy but not sure what kind to consider

Severe depression, personality disorders, anyone drinking a lot of alcohol, taking strong
medication for serious mental health issues, anyone needing medium-long term work for more
serious issues or already in therapy/seeing a consultant.

Brief Therapy

If we find that single session work is not enough, we can discuss and agree between us if brief therapy might be a better solution – we then contract for 3, 6, 9, or 12 sessions, depending on what feels right for you.

If you wish to work medium-long term, this is something we can also discuss and agree to an open-ended contract, or I can refer you to a therapist who might be more appropriate.